Gammel Dansk Bitter Dram 1L

Gammel Dansk Bitter Dram 1L

  • $70.00

Excelent value here with the 1l. Pro rater this would be worth $49 a bottle, if it was a 700ml bottle. Best ever price on gammel Dansk, we have ever seen.
Gammel Dansk liqueur is a Danish bitters made up of 30 different herbs and fruits, and known for its aromatic, sharp and bitter qualities.
This Danish bitters was first made in 1961 and has become a favourite alcoholic drink all over Denmark, with a closely guarded secret recipe.
Gammel Dansk is best served at room temperature in small glasses, but is also great for cocktails or added to your beer for extra flavour.
Fancy this nice Danish bitters? Get your Gammel Dansk today here at Jim’s Cellars, and have it delivered to your door in no time at all.
Deep copper colour with a slightly viscous appearance. Semi-sweet, herbal aromas recreate a potpourri of lavender, clove, sarsaparilla, rosemary, anise and caraway. Entry is silky with a good concentration of rooty, herbal, woody flavours that are pleasantly astringent and bitter sweet. Gently spicy with the spirit adding just the right amount of warmth. Finishes clean, dry and appropriately bitter with an anise / spice fade. We like adding a dash of this classic to lacklustre beers. Alternatively serve at room temperature as a digestif, chilled for a schnapps style shooter or with coffee.

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