Black Bottle XO Brandy

Black Bottle XO Brandy

  • $130.00

Black Bottle XO Brandy maintains an enviable reputation of producing one of the nation’s finest aged brandies. Produced from warm climate Doradilla, Palomino & Sultana grapes, these varieties are most suited to brandy production. As with Cognac, the wine is immediately transferred to pot stills for double distillation.

Twenty one year old spirit forms the foundation of this brandy while further material in excess of thirty years old has been added to develop the desired levels of complexity, flavour and richness. Prolonged maturation takes place in premium Limousin oak casks from the forests near Cognac, France. Testament to this spirit’s pedigree is the fact that it has been awarded some 20 trophies and 21 gold medals since first being produced in 1996.

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