Farnese Edizione Cinque Autoctoni 17 2015

Farnese Edizione Cinque Autoctoni 17 2015

  • $60.00*

The aim of Edizione wine was to create a great wine using a thousand year old wine-making tradition from both regions of Puglia and Abruzzo.
The winemaker, Filippo Baccalaro, successfully blended 5 gifted vines: Montepulciano, Primitivo,Sangiovese, Negroamaro and Malvasia Nera when  blended together, create a powerful, wonderful wine. Edizione has no vintage as the grapes originate from two different regions: for this reason the wine is named with the progressive number of the vintages produced.

* Price is in any mixed six bottles of wine. Prices may vary in store

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