John Duval Wines Eligo

John Duval Wines Eligo 2017

  • $109.00*

The pinnacle wine from one of Australia's best winemakers. The word "Eligo" literally means ' to pickout, select or choose the best' and this wine just might be. Grange quality for around $100 bucks ,it almost seems great value.
Winemakers Notes:

Colour: Dense purple-red.

Nose: Savoury berry, spice nose. Blackberry and blueberry with hints of earth and charcuterie..

Palate: Elegant expression of dark fruit with layers of berry, spice and smoked meat flavours. Generous with excellent texture, palate length and balanced tannin structure.
Barossa SA

* Price is in any mixed six bottles of wine. Prices may vary in store

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