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KWV 20 Year Old Brandy

KWV 20 Year Old Brandy

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KWV 20-year extra old Brandy is something very special indeed. Matured for a minimum of 20 years in French oak barrels, it is under the expert guidance of their masters Brandy distillers that this golden liquid is carefully crafted and then skillfully blended with pot still brandies,that are aged from 20 to 32 years old, to reach the final unique product. It then takes dedication, time and the finest craftsmanship to create the inimitable pot still Brandy.
Tasting Notes

This fine brandy has a deep, golden amber colour with a floral bouquet and matured port-wine aroma, balanced by well-developed nutty and oaky flavours. KWV 20 Year Old is full-bodied, mellow and complex, with a sweet and appreciative aftertaste.
South Africa

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