Pillitteri Estates Icewine Vidal

Pillitteri Estates Icewine Vidal 2014

  • $72.00*

Pillitteri Estates Winery is proud to produce one of nature's most exquisite gifts - Icewine. Harvest of Icewine grapes occurs when temperatures have reached -8°C or colder. When pressed, these hand picked, naturally frozen grapes yield a juice with an intense concentration of sugars, acids, flavours and aromas.
Winemaker Notes

Icewine - one of the world's most luscious and celebrated wines - is one of the most challenging to make. The extreme weather for harvest, the brutal force required for juice extraction, and the rigors of fermentation are in complete contrast to the soft, luscious, soothing feel the wine evokes on the palate. The transformation of the grapes while hanging on the vine awaiting their winter harvest date is nothing short of magical. As the grapes slowly evolve from a simple green to a beautiful golden colour, the flavour becomes more "golden" as the flavour intensifies, the complexity increases and the quality escalates. It is a process that only Mother Nature can accomplish in her own special way.

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