Smidge Adamo Shiraz

Smidge Adamo Shiraz 2014

  • $27.00*

In the spirit of Adamo....The passion and the pleasure that comes from finding your true love that takes your breath away and leaves the smile that last's a lifetime. True to that spirit this wine captures the tender union of stunning fruit and fine oak, a marriage of true love.
Tasting Notes:
Adamo is black and rich with an inviting red rim. Aromas are full, with dark red fruits and berries followed by a hint of spice, and delicate touch of scorched earth. Like the nose, the palate continues the lineage of Adamo with its elegant dark fruits and spice. The 2013 has a touch of Eden Valley that adds a lovely subtle dimension, with the wine finishing with balance and fine tannins giving great length and complexity.
With careful cellaring this wine can be enjoyed until 2030.
Barossa SA

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