Tim Adams Pinot Gris

Tim Adams Pinot Gris 2000

  • $19.00*

One of the great wines of this varietal to come out of the Clare Valley. The Tim Adams Pinot Gris is a stunner, perfect with Asian cuisine, seafood and salads.
Winemakers Notes

Pinot Gris sometimes has a distinctive rose gold hue. The pinkish colouration is a natural phenomenon of Pinot Gris. Being a mutation of pinot noir, there is a small degree of pink pigmentation in the skin of Pinot Gris. This can be either avoided or removed using various techniques in the winemaking process.

All the pressings wine, which carries the majority of the pink colour, has been included in this blend because it has made such a positive contribution to the structure of the wine. The result is a wine with pear, lychee and peach flavours complemented by subtle lemon zest, fullness with some sweetness in the middle palate and cleansing acidity. The wine should be enjoyed while it is young and vibrant. Enjoy it with Asian cuisine, seafood and salads or keep with confidence for up to five years.
South Australia

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